Public Speaking

PhD in US History/African Diasporic Folklore        (University of California, Riverside, 2007)
Regional Fulbright Scholar, 2011-2012
African American Living in Nigeria
and Teaching in a public Nigerian University
Professional Singer and Storyteller


Hm. Public Speaking? More like public humming, singing, skipping, dancing, tripping, questioning, challenging, inspiring, inciting, chuckling, telling, quelling, woofing, hoofing, winkling, twinkling, traveling,  messin’ ’round, tweeting, elucidating, howling, equivocating, trilling, thrilling, pontificating (truth be told – on occasion), poetry-making, risk-taking, reporting, cavorting, and telling the truth as  I understand it  to be.
That being said…

Karen speaks on a wide range of topics, including:

  • A Harlem Girl in Calabar: Living in Nigeria
  • Why the Arts in Education? Because the Arts Make Education Work
  • African Culture in US History
  • How Do We Think About Peace?
  • The Routes of the Blues

Sometimes, however, I just talk.